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How Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG hormone is present in both men and women but it serves a very important function in pregnant women, which is exploited by the HCG diet to help you lose weight. During pregnancy, HCG is found in abundance in the mother’s body as it helps make use of body fat to feed the fetus. HCG diet doctor practitioners make use of these properties to encourage rapid weight loss.

Why the HCG Diet Works

HCG releases energy to the fetus from body fat when calorie intake is low (such as during starvation) to help protect the fetus in the womb. The HCG diet mimics this rapid release of energy for weight loss.

Your HCG diet doctor will only administer a small amount of HCG into your body, sufficient to artificially induce your brain to change your metabolism and burn fat more rapidly.

The Need for a Very Low Calorie Diet

Your HCG diet doctor will also advise you to restrict your calorie intake to around 500 calories a day for the period you are receiving HCG treatment. The HCG diet relies on creating the environment necessary to encourage your brain to draw on fat reserves quickly. It only does so when it believes it needs to; the HCG diet ‘tricks’ your brain into entering starvation mode, and making use of body fat.

An HCG diet doctor will be on hand to monitor your calorie intake and your injections.

During treatment your body will draw on the fat reserves in your body, causing you to lose body fat rapidly.

The Benefits of an HCG Diet

When you restrict your calories drastically, your body will usually do everything it can to conserve energy, such as slowing your metabolism (and also your weight loss) down. An HCG diet doctor injects the hormone into your body to prevent it going into conservation mode, and slowing down your metabolism.

This also means, when you are no longer on the HCG diet, your metabolism won’t be affected and you are less likely to regain the weight you’ve lost. Your HCG diet doctor has ensured your metabolism has been unaffected by the very low calorie diet, so you don’t experience weight gain when you return to eating normally.



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