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Physician-Supervised HCG Diet

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The presence of the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in small, but inflated, amounts can have a significant effect on how your body metabolizes food and fat. The HCG diet exploits the hormone’s role in regulating metabolism to help people lose weight.

HCG is present in men and women, but is found in huge quantities in pregnant women where its sole purpose is to release the calories, or energy, stored in fat for the benefit of the fetus. This evolutionary mechanism has positive implications for weight loss.

The HCG Diet

When starting the HCG diet, HCG is injected into the body to imitate pregnancy. The brain then starts to behave as if the dieter is pregnant and reacts to a very low calorie diet by drawing on fat reserves and speeding up weight loss.

The HCG diet not only causes you to lose inches of fat, it also protects your muscle mass. When undergoing diets without the HCG hormone, a very low calorie diet would result in your body drawing on all energy reserves, including muscle. The HCG diet targets fat deposits only, and protects this lean muscle.

Preventing Yo-Yo Dieting

For frequent dieters the cycle of failure and weight gain is well known. The HCG diet helps protect against this destructive cycle in a number of ways.

  • A very low calorie diet is easier to maintain and appetite is suppressed. Side effects such as irritability, physical weakness and headaches aren’t experienced by dieters.
  • Your body doesn’t go into starvation mode on the HCG diet. The presence of the hormone prevents your metabolism from slowing down to protect its fat stores. Instead the HCG diet encourages your body to deplete fat stores more rapidly.
  • When the HCG diet cycle is complete, as your metabolism hasn’t slowed down, you can return to eating normally without the usual effect of weight gain.

Encouraging a Better Lifestyle

The HCG diet has a significant role in helping people gain control over their weight and make a strong start to losing the pounds. For long term success, lifestyle changes are recommended, and patients are often advised to participate in education and counselling to maintain their weight loss.



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