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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

(305) 697-6699

Have Questions About SculpSure™?

(305) 697-6699

SculpSure The 25-Minute Gamechanger

zap your fat with sculpsure laser lipo

The First FDA-cleared Laser for Significant Fat Reduction!

SculpSure's groundbreaking technology has been proven in multiple clinical trials, to reduce 24 - 30% of the "pinchable fat" layer in the areas treated in just 25 minutes.

SculpSure also demonstrated to collapse MORE fat cells, in less than half the time of CoolSculpting.

Put simply...SculpSure is the "25 Minute Game Changer" designed to Significantly Reduce Your Fat Layer with...

No Pain
No Downtime
No Recovery Process
No Damage to Skin's Surface
Results Seen in a Matter of Weeks

“At the same time that the fat is being heated, the skin is being chilled by the applicator head. So, this technology can effectively treat all skin types (fair or dark), because the skin remains unaffected.”

- Lawrence Bass, MD

Real People. Real Results.

*Individual results may vary - typical results: 24 - 30%
before and after sculpsure testimonials

*Individual results may vary
before and after sculpsure testimonials

*Individual results may vary
before and after sculpsure testimonials

How The SculpSure™ Treatment Works

First SculpSure™ warms the targeted area and the underlying fat cells

Then SculpSure™ collapses the fat cells with intervals of warming and cooling phases

Over a period of weeks the body's lymphatic system naturally clears the dead fat cells

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About the Breakthrough Technology

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"Highly recommend Elite for weight loss and Sculpsure. I did research and glad I chose them for the SculpSure fat melting procedure. They offered very fair pricing and I felt they were experts on sculpsure. The results came out great. The staff was truly professional... Would 100% recommend Elite for the Sculpsure fat melting machine." - Will R.