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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

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SculpSure™ is Cleared by the FDA

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FDA-Cleared for Fat Reduction in Abdomen and Flanks

The FDA has cleared Sculpsure™ for fat reduction and the company is excited for the launch of the device that makes it possible. The controlling hyperthermic technology uses exact temperatures to target fat cells. Once the fat cells have been killed, the area will get smaller because the immune system will naturally flush out the excess waste from your body. SculpSure™ is designed to treat flanks and the abdomen. 

*Individual results may vary
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How Is SculpSure™ Different from CoolSculpting?

Many people have asked if they should use SculpSure™ or CoolSculpting. While there are benefits to both of these body contouring methods, SculpSure™ has been favored by doctors and clients alike for many reasons. The first being that for SculpSure™ the ideal amount of time for each session less than half of CoolSculpting treatments. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about sucking of the skin when using laser lipolysis methods like you do with CoolSculpting. SculpSure™ works under the skin and doesn’t pull the tissue. Plus, the laser lipolysis method can treat more than one spot at a time. This allows for faster results and doctors aren’t limited to treating select areas, but can target more stubborn spots. 

What Are the Benefits of Body Contouring?

Body contouring can apply to both men and women, and it boosts confidence by smoothing out the skin in areas such as the love handles and abdomen. The FDA recognizes the many advantages of this non-invasive laser lipolysis and doctors have found it to be a wonderful alternative to other methods. It’s a safe and virtually painless body contouring treatment that doesn’t require any downtime. 

You’ll want to speak with a doctor to find out if you’re a good candidate, and it will take some time to start seeing results and to get the full effects. 

"SculpSure™ is not the first noninvasive fat removal device to come out. But it has the best outcomes.”

- Bruce Katz, MD

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