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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

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SculpSure™ Body Contouring Laser

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More About This Incredible Technology

As we age, lose weight, and our bodies go through natural changes, we can develop trouble spots that cause us to lose confidence. However, at Elite Fast Medical Weight Lose, we have a non-invasive solution for body contouring that will leave you feeling fantastic so you can wear the clothes you love and enjoy your look again. Treatments like laser lipo are an excellent choice for those that want to improve areas like love handles, thighs, stomach, and beyond!

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The Procedure for SculpSure™

SculpSure™ uses the comfort of lasers to target and reduce the fat cells under the skin, and then your body will naturally rid them from your body. Unlike methods used in the past, laser lipo doesn’t harm the skin and leave unattractive scarring. You’ll experience warming and cooling phases during the SculpSure process and the 1060 nm hyperthermic laser is the perfect wavelength to achieve your goals for a slimmer body.

The Benefits of SculpSure™

Being a non-invasive treatment, you’ll find that SculpSure™ has multiple benefits. Beyond its body contouring abilities, you’ll get to enjoy short treatment times. Plus, laser lipo is virtually painless and many people actually find the warming and cooling to be comfortable.

Results are noticeable relatively quickly and there is no recovery time necessary, so you can easily get an appointment in during lunch breaks and as part of your errands. This method of body contouring even has the ability to reduce the most stubborn fat like in the stomach, inner thighs, and love handles by about a forth of what it is now.

If you work hard to get your body looking fantastic by dieting and working out, but still have that annoying fat in a few trouble spots, then find out if you’re a good candidate for SculpSure™ today!

"SculpSure™ is not the first noninvasive fat removal device to come out. But it has the best outcomes.”

- Bruce Katz, MD

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