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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

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Have Questions About SculpSure™?

(888) 759-7921

SculpSure™ The 25-Minute Game Changer

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The First FDA-cleared Laser for Significant Fat Reduction!

Incredible new technology uses targeted heat lasers to safely reduce fat cells in less than half the time of CoolSculpting. 

SculpSure™, by CynoSure, is the world's first body sculpting laser that has been cleared by the FDA for use in non-invasive lipolysis (breakdown of fat cells). It is a marvel machine that leverages leading-edge technology to deliver safe and targeted "diode” laser light that reducess fat cells without causing damage to the skin's surface.

“At the same time that the fat is being heated, the skin is being chilled by the applicator head. So, this is something that can treat all skin types because there’s no reaction in the skin. Whether you’re fair or very dark skinned, the skin remains unaffected.” - Lawrence Bass, MD

Real People. Real Results.

*Individual results may vary
before and after sculpsure testimonials

*Individual results may vary
before and after sculpsure testimonials

*Individual results may vary
before and after sculpsure testimonials

What Problem Areas Does SculpSure™ Target?

It is ideal for men and women who desire to reduce stubborn fat in the following areas:

sculpsure target areas

SculpSure™ features a flat, non-suction applicator design that allows for consistent results with non-invasive treatments and best of all…minimal discomfort.

The Story Behind SculpSure™

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TECHNOLOGY - The technology behind light-based therapy for body contouring has come a long way in the past several years. Using a 1060 nm hyperthermic laser, SculpSure™ has established itself as the leading-edge, most advanced and most highly-effective of all body sculpting devices.

RESEARCH - Years of research and costly development revealed the exact wavelength to be used in order to reduces fat cells without causing burn or other damage to the surface of the skin.

OUTCOME - SculpSure’s specific 1060 wavelength of laser light not only reduces fat cells, it may also help improve skin elasticity thus, tightening the skin in the areas treated. Which certainly adds an extra bonus to SculpSure™ patients looking to trim AND tighten up their problem areas.

How The SculpSure™ Treatment Works

  • First SculpSure™ warms the targeted area and the underlying fat cells
  • Then SculpSure™ reduces the fat cells with intervals of warming phases and cooling phases
  • Over a period of time the body's lymphatic system will naturally clear the area of the dead fat cells leaving the body much trimmer.

"When it comes to body contouring devices our practice has always stayed on the sidelines, that is, until SculpSure™ finally released a true Class 4 Laser that can actually give our patients significant fat reduction results with no down time."- Dr. Michael Goldin

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About the Breakthrough Technology

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"Highly recommend Elite for weight loss and Sculpsure. I did research and glad I chose them for the SculpSure fat melting procedure. They offered very fair pricing and I felt they were experts on sculpsure. The results came out great. The staff was truly professional... Would 100% recommend Elite for the Sculpsure fat melting machine." - Will R.