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What Makes Our Weight Loss Clinic Elite?

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Individualized Programs

It’s generally accepted we all have individual personalities and emotional reactions, yet when it comes to medical weight loss and weight management one size is expected to fit all. Although the science behind ‘eat less and move more’ is true, we only need to consider the rising obesity levels to know it is failing us in practice. At Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss we believe all our patients are individuals and need a medical weight loss program specifically tailored to their needs. When we customize a weight loss plan, we consider our patient’s eating habits, fitness levels and exercise preferences, and lifestyle factors before we make any recommendations to our patients.

Medically Supervised Programs

We offer medical weight loss programs that go beyond providing you with diet sheets and exercise plans. We offer the HCG diet, which involves hormone injections to help you lose weight rapidly. The HCG diet not only helps you lose weight quickly, it also enables you to maintain the loss when you begin to eat normally again. The HCG diet is supervised by a physician at Elite Fast Medical Weight Loss to ensure your weight loss is safe, suitable for your needs, and promotes long term benefits for your health.

Customized Plans

A very low calorie diet can often have significant side effects which cause long term damage to your metabolism and your ability to lose weight effectively in the future. The HCG diet is customized with support from nutritionists and medical advice from your doctors to ensure your weight loss success. We consider your current lifestyle, your weight, fitness levels and your eating/lifestyle habits before we approve the HCG diet or any rapid weight loss program. If you wish to take a longer term approach, we can customize a plan suited to your goals and support you along your journey.

The Last Time You’ll Diet

By creating a medical weight loss plan suited to your individual needs, we give you the best opportunity to lose weight once and for all. Whether you choose a rapid weight loss plan such as the HCG diet, or a longer term approach, the availability of one to one support and medical advice can make all the difference. If you have tried off the shelf weight loss programs from books, the internet, or diet groups and meetings, and nothing has worked, give yourself the best opportunity to manage your weight by following an individual plan that is customized just for you.

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