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The History of the HCG Diet

history of the hcg diet

The HCG diet was first ‘discovered’ by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a British Doctor, in 1954. In a medical paper he reported observing patients who successfully lost weight through a program of combined HCG injections and a very low calorie diet.  He concluded the HCG diet, as it has become known, had avoided many of the unfavorable side effects of a very low calorie diet such as irritability, low mood, headaches, physical weakness, and hunger pangs.

Interestingly the HCG diet also had the effect of drawing on fat deposits in adipose tissue, which preserved muscle mass and the dieter retained a natural body shape.

An Effective Approach

Dr. Simeons researched obesity over many years and observed through his work the effect the HCG hormone has on appetite. Testing the effect of the HCG hormone led to the HCG diet as we know it today.

The ability of the body to maintain a very low calorie diet was found to be assisted by the HCG hormone. Not being subjected to the usual side effects of sustaining a very low calorie diet whilst on the HCG diet, meant dieters were more likely to be able to maintain such as restrictive way of eating. As a result the HCG diet was more effective than other diets.

The Role of HCG Hormone in Weight Loss

The HCG hormone is commonly found in pregnant women where it ensures the fetus is able to grow by drawing on the mother’s fat deposits.

Dr. Simeons observed the HCG hormone was very effective in enabling the fetus to thrive, even in situations when pregnant women weren’t able to take in sufficient calories. This environment was replicated in weight loss patients, with a combination of a very low fat diet and a HCG injection.

The HCG diet could encourage the brain to believe it was in ‘starvation mode’ by following a very low calorie diet, and, with the presence of HCG in the dieter’s bloodstream, fat reserves would be used up. In short, the HCG diet enabled people to lose weight rapidly.

HCG and Tackling Obesity

By drawing on decades of research and observation, Dr. Simeons was able to identify the benefits of the HCG diet and how it could help tackle the difficulties many people face when trying to lose weight.

When we restrict calories our bodies are constantly trying to maintain the fat stores; the HCG diet can help tackle the body’s protective mechanisms and help people lose the fat stores rapidly.



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