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Tips to Success

The HCG diet takes diligence and intentionality. Those who have experienced success have embraced the necessary regimen and have seen fantastic results. Here are some tips that can aid in your success.

1) Load up properly - Don’t short circuit the plan by implementing phase 2 too soon. During the two-day loading phase, the goal is to load up on stored fats because your body is going to be utilizing those reserves. It may sound counterintuitive, but eating lots of fatty foods during your loading phase will help you achieve a successful launch of your diet plan.

2) Reconsider fish - Most diet plans regard fish as a healthy source of protein and fatty acids, but while undertaking the HCG diet, you’re trying to eliminate fats and oils. Fish can undercut your efforts. Make sure you understand the diet before making your protein choice.

3) Revisit your beauty products - Creams and lotions also contain some form of fats or oils. While you are not ingesting these fats and oils, they can be absorbed into the body through the skin. While using the HCG diet, consider something like mineral oil as a replacement for your usual moisturizer.

4) Drink a lot of water - When you limit your calorie intake, you are more susceptible to the effects of dehydration like fatigue. Drinking your water can help curb some of the effects that are often blamed on hunger like fatigue or lightheadedness. Additionally, drinking lots of water helps to flush the body of the fat that you are shedding.

5) Stick to the diet - Don’t make edits to the diet. Stick closely to the diet as best as you can and avoid cheating. The shots and the diet are working in tandem to help you achieve weight loss. Don’t prevent yourself from succeeding by sabotaging your diet.

The HCG diet is a great way to shed the unwanted weight and these tips can help you see more consistent results.

How Does HCG Work?

The HCG diet has a track record of proven results. Success stories report losing as much as 30+ pounds over the course of the diet when followed accurately. The success of the HCG diet has garnered it a lot of attention and many have wondered how it works.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is naturally found in pregnant women and plays a key role in the development of children in utero and it plays a key role in making sure that both the mother and the child receive adequate nutrients during pregnancy.

It is the role of nutrient provision that led scientists to study HCG as a possible weight loss aid. During pregnancy, HCG helps releases stored fats into the bloodstream and the nutrients found in those stored fats are provided as supplemental nutrition to the baby. Scientists found that even when a pregnancy is not present, HCG still performs the function of releasing stored fats. Studies show that when patients undertake a strict 500 calorie diet and receive HCG see noticeable results in their weight loss. The HCG helps to ensure that your body releases stored fats to make up for the caloric deficit instead of turning to muscle tissue.

If you have questions about the HCG diet, Elite Fast Weight Loss can schedule a consultation with one of our HCG specialists and help you get the start you need to lose the weight that you don’t.

Is HCG a Better Option?

Statistics state that ⅔ of Americans are considered overweight, obese or morbidly obese and there don’t appear to be any signs that this trend is tapering back. This obesity problem has given rise to all kinds of medical treatments to help curb the gain, but many of those treatments involve invasive procedures that are painful and require recovery times that are inconvenient. Bariatric surgery also comes with risks like nutrient and mineral deficiencies, blood clots, infection, and, in extreme cases, death.

THe HCG Diet provides a better option to traditional invasive weight loss surgical options. Unlike surgical options, HCG is non-invasive, easy, safe, and provides fast results when the HCG protocol is observed. Some patients have experienced weight loss between 15-25 pounds per month.

We offer patients a variety of weight loss plans to help you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain continued success in managing your weight. Our HCG protocol provides you with free consultation, a series of HCG injections, weight loss results, nutritional counseling and support, and a post-protocol follow-up diet plan.

Any weight loss treatment is going to experience side effects, but the HCG diet provides the lowest risk to the patient and the results are clear. Most patients who undertake the HCG protocol experience fast and safe weight loss and are pleased with the end result. Get ready for the holidays by setting up an appointment today.

One Woman's Story

She was a state championship high school basketball player, cheerleader, and a runner. She played volleyball in college and unlike many, lost a little weight instead of putting on those freshman fifteen. 

Fast forward a few years; marriage, pregnancy, and life in general resulted in the slow, but continual weight gain that culminated at over 75 pounds heavier than that champion athlete and cheerleader. While still the same person on the inside, the gradual weight gain led to sadness and a sense that she just wasn’t as attractive and missed being able to be active and frankly, finding clothes that she liked just became difficult. 

After years of this struggle, she discovered HCG. She understood that it was going to take work and discipline, but she was determined. After five months of using HCG and following the diet plan, she was able to lose 56 pounds. Finally, the clothes fit, she was able to be more active, and the exterior felt like it matched the interior. 

HCG is a great way to get the unwanted weight off and get back to the clothes you like and the lifestyle you desire. A strict diet plan aided by a helpful counselor can deliver the results you want and set you on the path to success. This woman’s story can be your story too. Contact us and let us help you get started down the path to successful weight loss.

Join the Rebel-ion Against Unwanted Weight

Rebel Wilson isn’t a name that you might instantly recognize, but if you saw her and her comedic antics in movies like Pitch Perfect, How To Be Single, and Bridesmaids. Her blend of physical comedy and subtle British humor has put her on a track of popularity among younger fans. Unfortunately, her weight has at times pigeon holed her into roles where she plays the unabashed and unashamed “fat girl” which is unfortunate because she’s funny in spite of her weight, not because of it.

Recently, however, she has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 pounds. This weight loss has been noted in many different “gossip” magazines and blogs. She’s looking great. The weight loss won’t make her any more or less funny, but it may broaden her opportunities for roles in Hollywood.

Maybe you’re like Rebel Wilson and you want to get a jumpstart on dropping your unwanted weight. Our medical weight loss HCG plan is a great way to lose weight fast. We provide one on one consultation, diet plans, HCG injections, and everything that you need to successfully get moving toward your target weight. Don’t enter the holiday season heavier than you want to be. The doctors at Elite Fast Weight Loss can help you get where you want to be. 

What is HCG?

If you’re considering the HCG diet, it might help to understand a little about what HCG is and how it is utilized to aid in weight loss. 

HCG is short for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is why everyone just calls it HCG. HCG is a natural hormone that is produced in the body of a pregnant woman by a fertilized embryo after implantation. In fact, most at-home pregnancy tests seek to detect the presence of HCG in order to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant. 

So how did HCG come to be used as a weight loss aid? It was discovered in the 1950s that it had a possible role in helping to burn fat when the patient observed a low calorie diet. Studies showed that HCG serves to release stored fats which means that while your body is only taking in anywhere from 500-1000 calories, the HCG is signaling that your body needs to release calories from the stored fats in order to make up the difference. 

A low calorie diet, along with HCG injections can be a valuable jumpstart in the battle to lose weight, but it is imperative that you talk to a medical professional first. One or weight loss counselors, under the supervision of a doctor, can make sure that you are getting the right foods and that you have answers to your questions along the way. Call Elite Fast Weight Loss for more information about the HCG Diet.


Real Houswife of Orange County Loses Weight Using HCG

The Real Housewives brand has become a household name for many, but it was Real Housewives of Orange County that started it all. Fans loved the drama and the glimpse into the world of how the housewives of the powerful and wealthy live.

One of the realities that we saw from that reality show is that regardless of how famous or rich these women are, they struggle with many of the same issues, struggles, insecurities that “average” women deal with on a regular basis. After all, celebrities are people, too right?

One of those issues is the persistence of unwanted weight and weight gain. Vicki Gunvalson, considered by some to be the OG of RHOC, realized that she had gained some weight throughout her forties and fifties that she simply wasn’t happy with. She found a great weight loss solution by using the HCG diet.

She dished to Entertainment Tonight about her diet and the results and about how she found the motivation in her recent breakup. “You know what, I was at such a depressed state,” she explained. “I'm 54 now, and your metabolism changes. I put on, like, 10 pounds from my forties to my fifties, and I never felt strong. I don't want to be a bodybuilder. I don't want to do all that stuff. But I wanted to feel like, OK, I'm gonna be single now, I gotta look my best, right?”

If you’re interested in learning more about the HCG diet, contact us and get started on your weight loss journey right away.

It's All Relative

Clothing size is a constantly shifting metric. Until the United States Civil War, clothes were almost exclusively custom made to fit the wearer. The idea of standard sizes hadn’t really been invented yet. In fact, it was the need to outfit lots of Union soldiers quickly that eventual to the Small, Medium, Large etc. sizing that we know of today, but even those standards have been a moving target. Time Magazine produced a graphic in their most recent issue showing how these standards have moved.

Sadly, however, dress size has been the used by many women as the standard for determining in their own minds whether or not they are “fat” or “skinny”, but dress sizes not only vary over time, but according to which retailer you’re visiting.

The best thing a women can do is have a frank and honest conversation with their doctor about whether or not their weight loss goals are realistic and whether or not their concerns regarding weight are founded on health concerns or societies definition of beauty. Too many women in the latter camp seek out medical weight loss options that may not be a right fit for them.

Women have the right to determine what they want to look like, but that choice should be an informed one. If you feel like you are overweight, talk to a doctor. Elite Fast Weight Loss can give you informed counsel on medical weight loss options and help you determine if it is right for you.

Don’t let a subjective number tell you what to do. Talk to a doctor and make a smart and informed decision.

Olympic Diets

With the past two weeks consumed by coverage of the Olympics, many of us have probably wondered what it takes to maintain a body fit for that kind of competition and what we might need to do to get a body like that.

The danger for many of us though is that we may hear about these diets for peak performers and assume that these are the best ways to eat in an effort to lose weight or be more fit. However, many athletes need to get fast energy in preparation for competition or high proteins as they recover from running miles strenuous workouts. The manner in which they choose to eat is designed specifically for their specific situation. Usually a professional dietician is employed to ensure that the proper amount of calories is consumed and a proper balance of carbs and proteins is maintained.

For the layperson, many of the diet plans observed by professional athletes simply are not what is right for your specific weight loss needs. You can certainly learn a lot about diet by familiarizing yourself with how professional athletes fuel their bodies, but it is important to remember that their output is going to be different then yours and that anytime your looking to alter your diet or lose a lot of weight, consulting with a professional dietician or weight loss doctor is a good idea.

You might find that the plan that works for you is completely different from what you keep hearing about from professional athletes and that’s good. Until you’re training for an Olympic bid, you probably shouldn’t be eating like an Olympian. Get to know your body and what it will take to get the weight off based on your specific needs by talking to one of our nutritional counselors and we can get you on the right path.

HCG Meal Plans

If you do a quick Internet search for HCG diet plans, you’ll find that there are thousands of options out there. The proliferation of diet plans seems to indicate that you can and should eat whatever you want whenever you want as long as it’s on the list. This can be misleading.

The importance and usefulness of a nutritional counselor when using the HCG diet cannot be understated. It is important to make sure that your diet plan has been thoughtfully considered by a knowledgeable professional who will work to ensure that you are getting the best foods for you and your diet.

A nutritional counselor can take the time to ensure that what your eating is healthy and provides the best caloric options during this time of decreased calorie intake. They can also take the time to walk with you emotionally during this time and make sure that you are handling this life change and finally, they can walk you through handling cravings and suggest changes as necessary.

The relationship that you enjoy with a nutritional counselor during your time using the HCG diet can really aid in your success and help you reach your weight loss goals. The availability of nutritional counselor or counseling team is a valuable commodity and one that many patients have appreciated during their time on the diet.

Weight Loss Surgery Associated With Increased Fracture Risk

According to a recent study, those who are severely obese and undergo weight loss surgery increase their risk of bone fracture. Those who are able to lose weight with non-surgical medical weight loss diets compared favorably regarding risk of fracture. The researchers that led the large study, which was was recently published by The BMJ, indicated that obesity may not be as protective for fracture as once believed and that fracture risk assessment ought to be a part of weight loss care in the future.

Benefits and risks of surgery should be considered on an individual basis to propose the type of surgical procedure best suited to the patient as the efficacy of weight loss surgeries differs in terms of resolution of chronic conditions.

The study was performed by researchers in Canada. These researchers observed the incidence and sites of fracture in several patients who were determined to be severely overweight before undergoing weight loss surgery. The team then compared their results against obese and non-obese controls to analyze the association between weight loss surgery and fracture risk.

Visit the following link to learn more about this fascinating study: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/07/160727194401.htm 

Study Shows Weight Loss Medications Work

KERA NEWS - An article that was recently published on the KERA News website discusses the legitimacy of weight loss medications and medical weight loss programs, though the experts say that users of the medications need to be clear about what they are taking.

To reach their conclusions, the research team lead by non-surgical weight loss experts from UT Southwestern Medical Center, analyzed data from several, randomized control trials which had been performed over the last decade. They found that several medications were effective in suppressing appetite and helping patients feel fuller when they eat. The most effective medical weight loss medication appeared to be phentermine.

"These medications independently help people to lose weight by suppressing appetite or helping them feel fuller when they eat, but when they’re used in combination, they can be used in lower doses, usually with fewer side effects. And that helps people to suppress their appetite and feel fuller sooner, eat less and that kind of helps with that part of the energy balance equation.”

Read more at this post's source: http://keranews.org/post/study-shows-some-weight-loss-medications-actually-work-theyre-not-cures

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